Welcome to Badminton New Zealand’s
     National Player Points system


All National and Association Junior & Senior Tournaments have points awarded, in a similar method used by the BWF
all Oceania Internationals, Opens, Under 19, Under 17, Under 15, Under 13
(Team events are not awarded points – eg. InterAssociation)


This system will be used to:

~ seed all Tournaments – apart from Internationals

~ assist coaches

~ by players to compare themselves with others.


For 2014, the Tier Levels that tournaments are assigned to have been updated    Click here for details.


Click here for description of how the points system works


               Click here for 2019 Player Points


The following is unchanged from 2009


·        Points for the previous 12 months are used when generating the points reports

·        Only the 4 best points are counted
If you play in 6 events, then the 2 lowest lots of points are discarded

·        Players are awarded points for the last match that they lost – even if it is in the first round.
(as well as winning the final)
losing their first match are awarded all the available points.

·        Points are only awarded for main events
i.e. not for Plates, additional pools or play offs for minor placings

·        Points are awarded to individuals
both players in doubles and mixed are given the same number of points

·        If a match is not played (DNS, walkover, no show, did not play)
Points are NOT awarded for a player’s first match
Points ARE awarded in subsequent rounds

·        If a match is unfinished (DNF, retired hurt, etc)
Points are awarded

·        Reports are ranked in order, highest points at the top – for singles, doubles and mixed
These reports include all NZ players only

·        Full Results (including points awarded) are available for each tournament


To all Associations supplying results:

Please include:

·        A full list of players (first name(s), surname & Association code) 
~ sort by Male then Female, then by Surname, then First Name
~ include the Player’s Number – Click here for Player Numbers
- include Date of Birth if an Age tournament
(Only need 1 list of players per tournament – no need to show event entries)

·        A full set of results for each main event – whether knockout or pools
- not just the winners as points are awarded from the first round
- no need for plate events
- include the first round positions for each event– click here for example

·        Ensure all matches not played are clearly shown
Do not show score as 15-0 15-0 – show ‘walkover’
If a player retires hurt then show the score as is – with ‘retired hurt’ or ‘DNF’

·        Tournaments captured are:
- all Oceania Internationals, Opens, Under 19s, Under 17s, Under 15s, Under 13s




               Association Codes


The reports are PDF files which open in a separate window (to return -  just close that window)

You will need to have a PDF Reader installed on your PC (normally Acrobat Reader)

To search for a player use CTRL + F, enter the name and press {ENTER}, then select the name in the Results box


Click here to obtain a copy of Acrobat Reader or how to speed up Acrobat Reader.