Player Points - 2012

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For 2012, a new set of reports will be generated for Under 13 – see below


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                                                                                                Reports will be run up to end of each month (unless advertised)

            Player Points for Tournaments that commenced up to 28th February 2012
(that have been received and loaded into the Player Points system)
(These reports were generated on
1st March 2012)


                          In averaged Points Order                 

Seniors            Male   Female          Oceania Internationals and Opens only

                        XLS file of Names, Player Numbers and Points

Reports by Age:

Under 19          Male   Female          Under 19 Tournaments only                 XLS file of Names, Numbers and Points

Under 17          Male   Female          Under 17 Tournaments only                 XLS file of Names, Numbers and Points

Under 15          Male   Female          Under 15 Tournaments only                 XLS file of Names, Numbers and Points

Under 13          As U13 is new to Player Points, Reports will not be available until after the first U13 Tournaments are loaded
As some U13 played U15 last year – they are underlined in the Under 15 Reports
The  XLS file of Names, Numbers and Points  is a guide only and lists the U15 points earned last year by U13


                                                    By Player – showing Points awarded in each Event

                                                Male               Singles          Doubles        Mixed

                                                Female          Singles          Doubles        Mixed

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      (You can view all matches for any Tournament by selecting it in the 2010 Tournaments link)


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  Closest Result this year:    (highest combined total of game points)


2011:   Semi Finals of the New Zealand U17 – Boy’s Doubles:  
  Daniel Lee and Tony Liu defeated Kerwyn Lee and Dylan Soedjasa    24-22, 23-25, 23-21  
(138 pts)


2010:   6th Round of the Counties Manukau U17 – Mixed Doubles:  
  Niccolo Tagle and Rayna Phillips defeated Vivian Washington and Kaitlyn McLeod    19-21, 30-28, 22-20  
(140 pts)

2009:   Quarter Finals of the Wellington North Open – Mixed Doubles:  
  Leck C Tham and Gabryela Polak defeated Kent Khoo and Elaine Cheung   30-28, 19-21, 23-21  
(142 pts)

2008:   1st round of the New Zealand 21s – Men’s Doubles:  
  Dhanny Oud and James Wong defeated Jah Fei Lee and Stephen Lee   21-18, 29-30, 25-23 
(146 pts)

2007:   Quarter Finals of the Counties Manukau Open - Mixed Doubles:  
  Oliver Leydon-Davis and Emily Ang defeated Viraf Vazifdar and Danielle Barry   24-22, 26-28, 22-20 
(142 pts)

2006:   Final of the Waikato 16s - Mixed Doubles:  
  Ethan Haggo and Jessica Jonggowisastro defeated Ashraf Dhoray and Emma Chapple   25-27  22-20  26-24 
(144 pts)




Tournaments held in the 12 months prior to the report date
(The Tier levels for all 2009 Tournaments have been adjusted for the 2010 season)

Points shown is the AVERAGE of the top 4 results

First match losers get ALL of the available points

Players with less than 2 results are shown at the end of the list (known as the ‘B’ list)


1st time players moving up to a higher category carry forward 67% of last year’s results

Sort order is  More than 1 then Less than 2;  Average points (descending);  Number of Events played (ascending); Surname


NB:  The order number is just a sequential number – not a ranking number as equality is not considered


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