Badminton New Zealand Players


Player Numbers

All players are assigned a New Zealand number which is to be used for all NZ tournaments
(Individual events only – is not required for teams events – such as Inter Association)

Where players compete in International events (including those held in NZ) then they will need to use their International (BWF) number.

Players who play in both NZ and International tournaments will therefore have TWO numbers.


The NZ number is an 8 digit number (beginning with 63… or 64…) which will not clash with International numbers – eg.  64032582


Tournament organisers are to use International (BWF) numbers for players in the International tournaments held in NZ.

For ALL other NZ tournaments, players are to be identified by their NZ player number.

(ie.  An International player who enters a NZ open tournament  (eg  Wellington Open) will need to use their NZ player number)


This helps make the data capture of Tournament Results and production of the Player Points reports easier and more accurate  - for information that Associations are to supply with results  - please click here


The following PDF files (~ 75 pages each) displays the NZ player number and the player’s name(s)


~ Player Numbers for Males – sorted in Surname order

~ Player Numbers for Males – sorted in Association order

~ Player Numbers for Males – sorted in number order


~ Player Numbers for Females – sorted in Surname order  

~ Player Numbers for Females – sorted in Association order

~ Player Numbers for Females – sorted in number order


Files (excel spreadsheets) that you can download
  are now available from the Points page and now include Name, Player Number and current Points


Names are displayed, as from the National database

~ Surname,

~ First Names    eg  Raymond Ian

~ Known as        eg  Ray

~ Alias                eg  nee Smith



Association code is as per your Current Home Association record in the National database


If a player does not have a NZ Player Number, then Tournament Organisers should use their own numbers starting from 1.  When the results are being processed, a NZ Number will be assigned to these players and you will be notified of these – after the tournament


If your Names(s) or BWF number is incorrect please email Badminton NZ

If you acquire an BWF number also please email BNZ, who will add your BWF number to the records.