Badminton NZ Player Profile

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Craig Cooper

Age: 25


Born: Feb 28th 1981, Wellington, NZ


Occupation: Treasury Dealer


National: NZ National Team


Career Highlights: Winning the clinching rubber against Australia to help NZ qualify for the Thomas Cup finals for the first time.
Competing for NZ in the Thomas Cup finals in Jakarta
Competing for NZ at the 2006 Commonwealth Games

Association Team: Waikato


Likes: Hot Sunny Weather

Watching and Playing Sport


Dislikes: Cold Miserable Weather

Unpatriotic New Zealanders


Heroes: Michael Jordan

(yes Im aware hes not a NZer!)


Tips: Set your sights beyond National honours.

Watch and learn from the very best, without placing them on a pedestal.

Strive to be their rival, not their fan.