Super Veterans Zone A - 2010

            Auckland 1     Auckland 2     Counties Manukau      Northland 1     Northland 2     North Harbour


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Last updated   14 Feb 2010

Northland 1 vs Northland 2

                             24 April at  Northland

Counties Manukau  vs North Harbour          Auckland 1 vs Auckland 2

Auckland 1 vs North Harbour                   Auckland 2 vs Counties Manukau

                             24 April at  North Harbour

Auckland 2 vs North Harbour (early start)

Counties Manukau  vs Northland 1             Auckland 1 vs Northland 2

Auckland 1 vs Northland 1                      Counties Manukau  vs Northland 2

                             29 May at  Auckland

Auckland 1 vs Counties Manukau

                             17 July at  North Harbour

North Harbour  vs Northland 1                  Auckland 2 vs Northland 2

Auckland 2 vs Northland 1                      North Harbour  vs Northland 2

                             17 July at  Northland


                               Super Veterans Zone B - 2010

            Bay of Plenty      Hawkes Bay      Oroua      Taranaki      Waikato


Hawkes Bay  vs Waikato (early start)

Oroua  vs Waikato                                 Bay of Plenty  vs Taranaki

Bay of Plenty  vs Hawkes Bay                     Oroua  vs Taranaki

                              29 May at  Hawkes Bay

Bay of Plenty  vs Oroua (early start)

Hawkes Bay  vs Oroua                           Taranaki  vs Waikato

Bay of Plenty  vs Waikato                         Hawkes Bay  vs Taranaki

                             17 July at  Bay of Plenty


                               Super Veterans Finals - 2010


            Top 2 teams from Zone A

            Top 2 teams from Zone B

SF1:   Winner Zone A  vs  2nd Zone B            SF2:    Winner Zone B  vs 2nd Zone A

1st / 2nd :   Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2           3rd / 4th :   Loser SF1 vs Loser SF2

                             21 August  at  Bay of Plenty   (Mt Maunganui)             (Teams to pay court costs)