Welcome to New Zealand Masters


Hastings 6th to 8th September 2007



Thursday 6th Singles

Friday 7th Doubles

Saturday 8th Mixed Doubles



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Full Results by Tournament:

NB: With a large entry received some events (not just C/D) are being held at
the 2nd hall at MEEANEE Indoor Stadium
Those marked ## have events held at MEEANEE
Please ensure that you know your start time and which Hall you are playing in
Courts A, B, C and D are at MEEANEE. Click here for maps of the Halls

Full Results Last updated 10 Sept 2007

Winners and Runners Up

35s Open ##

40s Open

45s Open ##

50s Open ##

55s Open ##

60s Open ##

65s Open

70s Open

35s C/D ##

45s C/D ##



By Session

Singles Thursday 6th all events at Hastings Sports Centre

Doubles Friday 7th events at both Halls

Mixed Saturday 8th events at both Halls



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