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Last updated 21 March 2006

Changes: 21 Mar 06 - North Harbour 2 withdrawn


Teams: (in geographic order)




North Harbour 1






Bay of Plenty



Horowhenua Kapiti new


North Harbour 2 withdrawn



NOTE: For 2007 if there are more than 8 entries then Super Veterans will play over multiple weekends (same weekends as Senior Division)



29 / 30 July 06 - all together at Bay of Plenty 1 weekend (teams to pay court costs)


Friday evening 29 July

Round 1

A: Bay of Plenty vs Horowhenua

B: Auckland vs Northland

C: North Harbour 1 vs Waikato

D: Oroua vs Waitakere


Saturday 30 July

Round 2

E: Winner A vs Winner C

F: Winner B vs Winner D

G: Loser A vs Loser C

H: Loser B vs Loser D


Round 3

J: 1st / 2nd Winner E vs Winner F

K: 3rd / 4th Loser E vs Loser F

L 5th / 6th Winner G vs Winner H

M: 7th / 8th Loser G vs Loser H


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