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Last updated  Mar 2005


For Division 3 to 5, North Island Masters and Veterans




Grouping of Teams

Number of teams in a pool

Number of Sections assigned

Promotion / Relegation

Number of Ties

Playing of Ties

Byes in a weekend




Considerations when making the draw

Order of making the draw



Teams are ranked according to last year's results

The draw is to provide competitive matches for all teams regardless of their ranking

Grouping of Teams:

Teams are placed into pools and play a round robin

This method allows:
~ for the location of all ties to be known at the start of the season

~ courts can be booked well in advance

~ teams have more even Ties

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Number of teams in a pool:

For Division:

Maximum in Div 3 and 4 is 12 teams

~ Div 3-5 are these are split geographically into North and South groups for each island

Should not play 3 rounds in 1 day for Div 3-5 as the 16 match format makes for a long day

 (this means that teams will have to travel for 1 tie only in 1 weekend)


For Masters and Veterans:

Where possible teams are placed into pools of 9

Pools of 9 - 8 ties each

~ get 2 ties for each of 4 weekends

~ can be split into a pool of 4 and a pool of 5 for the 1st 3 weekends

~ there will be 3 rounds in a day with byes for the groups of 5

~ all 9 must be together for the last weekend, with 3 rounds in the day with byes


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Number of Sections assigned:

Teams are grouped into sections based on last year's ranking

Northern and Central Region teams are all mixed in together

The 1998 Masters Survey showed 65% said YES to the mixing

This goes up to 86% if including the 'Don't Mind'

The remainder are split geographically into 2 even groups with a playoff

Extra sections are only added when the remainder can still be accommodated adequately


Where there is a shortage of teams, the relegated team gets first choice to go back up, then the next ranked teams

Promotion / Relegation:

Winners of a section automatically move up to the next higher section

Losers of a section automatically move down to the next lower section

Split groups (the remainder) are to have a play off to determine who is promoted

~ The winner of each group plays the 2nd of the other group

~ The winners of these 2 ties play off to determine 1st and 2nd places

~ The losers play off to determine 3rd and 4th places

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Number of Ties:

Teams to play a minimum of 6 ties over 3 or 4 weekends.

Where possible no team should play 3 ties in a weekend.

3 ties for Div 2-4 takes too long.

Playing of Ties:

Ties should be played in the order as stated in the Hand Book

All ties are normally played on the Saturday of the stated weekend

All ties are to completed by the end of the weekend stated in the Hand Book


Byes in a weekend:

These should be avoided where possible

Teams traveling about 1-2 hours should get the 1st bye

Local teams should get the middle bye

They have their own transport to be able to leave the hall

If they have the last bye they often do not return for the social

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All teams should get at least 1 trip away

Teams should not have all trips away when home courts are available

The number of kms traveled one way for each weekend for each team, should be determined and kept for comparison each year

Teams are not to travel greater than 1600 km one way in any year

Where possible this should be kept below 1200 km

Travel for each team should be reasonably equalized over 2 or 3 seasons

Mar 2005 – Ensure all Associations get at least 1 full home weekend (minimum of 4 ties) every 2 years where possible.

It is understood that all players pay for their own travel with minimal assistance from their Association


Court usage is to be spread as evenly as possible based on the number of teams per Association

All Associations should indicate which of the Inter Association weekends they could make courts available.

The draw should be completed and distributed early enough so that Associations can book courts or hire halls as required.

A number of Associations can only provide halls with 4 courts

Associations normally make courts available at their cost

Div 2-4 should be allocated 3 courts per tie where possible

Masters and Veterans should be allocated 2 courts per tie where possible

North Island court costs are to be shared when ties are allocated to a central location to reduce overall travel, (regardless of whether the host association is involved or not)

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A social event should be held every weekend.

The final weekend should involve all teams in their group

This will require at least 8 courts

Considerations when making the draw:

~ The 2 highest ranked teams in any group should play off in the last weekend

~ Mar 2005 – In Masters & Veterans Div 1, in the last weekend, Seeds 1, 2 & 3 should only play one tie among each other
i.e.  NOT 1 vs 2,  1 vs 3       or       1 vs 2,   2 vs 3

~ Teams from the same Association should play off in the 1st weekend, or the 2nd

~ Teams that traveled the most the previous year, should be considered before the others

~ Teams should get ‘home’ ties on an even basis

~ Central halls with 8 or more courts should be used for the final

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Order of making the draw:

~ Step 1 – Finalise the teams for each group.

~ Step 2 – Do a best possible fit for teams into groups for each weekend
NOTE: Step 2 aims at getting the best possible travel for each team
- regardless of court availability or equal sharing - that happens in Step 3
The groupings only show where each team possibly travel to – not who they would actually play.
 The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 represent the different weekends but do NOT mean that will be the weekends in actual order
- these will change in Step 3 and 4

~ Step 3 – Check the availability of courts from the entry forms and re-adjust the results of Step 2
Start with the worst groups from Step 2.

~ Step 4 – Analyse the ratio of court assignments for Associations in relation to the number of teams entered and with each other
Re-adjust the results of Step 3

~ Step 5 - Confirm with Associations by email, that assigned courts are available
If not, re-adjust the results of Step 4 and re-email affected Associations for court confirmation

~ Step 6 – Prepare a draft draw showing actual ties to be played
~ the top 2 seeds meet on the final weekend
~ in 3 round weekends, the hosts play in the 1st and 3rd rounds

~ Step 7 – Perform a full review of each Division

~ Step 8 – Release the final draft version for Association approval
Any Association shall have the right of appeal to Badminton NZ.  Such appeal shall be made in writing within 14 days of notification of the draw and be supported by a statement of case – By Law 3(e))

~ Step 9 – Release the final version



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